Bust These Five Dams and Boost your Business

Dams are blockages.  We lean upon these five big excuses to stop us from growing our business. Bust the dams and watch your business grow.

1)     “I’m just too busy”. The biggest dam of all. Little things block big ideas. Find the ideas that will move the needle, and execute. A forestry client had grown into a division of field surveys to grow revenue. Overseeing this took a great deal of time, great revenue but little profits. Dropping this service gave the business time to focus on the profitable consulting and much higher net profits. Focus time and effort on the best return on your time.

2)      “It’s just too big to take on now”. The process can be daunting before you start, but break the big idea into baby steps (the process), check off the steps as you complete them and congratulate yourself as you reach the milestones. Does Elon Musk let a big challenge slow him?  no, he embraces it, but with a developed strategic plan and goal to measure success. One step at a time to victory!

3)     “But what if….?”  Fear of failure will block your progress. Even more of a problem can be fear of success. It’s ok to make some mistakes, just be sure to learn from it! Retailer Dress Up doesn’t let fear slow their growth, building over 20 bricks and mortar stores and rocketing market share in Georgia and beyond. They believe they will be successful, and they are!

4)     “I’m just not sure”.  Use your data to drive your ideas and find opportunities. Set realistic, measurable goals to define success and the mileposts along the way, this will help clarify your plans and execution. Know you numbers and know your business. If data analysis is not your strength, get help. We worked with a local bakery to discover their core offerings (sales volume and profitability) and created products and programs to turn the company around. Data analysis took out the guesswork and created a clear view of the opportunities available.

5)     “Analysis paralysis”.Data is great, but don’t let a mountain of data block you from taking action. Remember that you can revise your tactics along the way, but without getting started you can never get to the finish line. As the shoe company says…Just Do It!

The gig economy has created lots of opportunity for solo and micro sized businesses. – do you have an adviser, business coach with expertise? Having a mentor you trust to review and tweak your ideas can be invaluable.

Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot said “I absolutely believe that people, UNLESS COACHED, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

Damn the Dams! Here’s to an EPIC 2019!