In order to effectively achieve your goals, we have a three step process to analyze, plan and measure progress toward  your objectives.

Review – The brand audit

It is necessary to fully understand your current position, both internal and competitively as a foundation to success. “You can’t start directions if you don’t know where you are”.  We will discuss your accomplishments and your current challenges to set a base line.  Then add consumer viewpoints to define a specific starting point and identify potential potholes to address.

Plan – Setting the road map to success

We will work with you on a designed process to understand/develop your core positioning:  “What customer problem do you solve”.  This is key to our strategic direction.  People buy on emotion, then rationalize with logic.

After agreement on strategy, we will create tactics – the tools used to communicate the winning message and the optimum ways to deliver the message most efficiently.

Profit – measuring results and adjusting as we learn 

Mileposts toward the goal are set and results analyzed to ensure results – both via revenues and profits (margins). Tactics can be modified as needed to ensure success and efficiency.  The route to success is made via many small adjustments.  It is mandatory to have measurable goals and measure against them.

Quarterly reviews are advised, but at least semi-annual, with the strategic plan updated annually.