It’s not “business as usual”, so what to do now?

Virtually all businesses in the US are experiencing some sort of “not normal”.  No matter what your field, customer habits are changing.  Crises call for crisis management.

Are you acting or reacting?  You need to be proactive to mitigate the negative impact on your business.

Employees:  What is your communication as to current/future work schedules and paychecks?  Have you set up a “hotline” to communicate changes and two-way conversation?

Are there stresses on the supply chain?  Are you pursuing alternatives?  Are your costs fluctuating and are you passing through, absorbing or a mix as far as your selling price?

For your customers: How can they purchase from you, while maintaining social distancing?  Many areas are being quarantined, what is your plan to maintain the viability of your business?  Now is the time to think about alternative distribution ideas, be creative!

While government officials are scrambling (and negotiating) to provide financial assistance, you need to be proactive in solutions.  Hoping that someone else (government) will take care of the problems is not wise.

It’s your business, you own it. Be brave, be smart.

We have been helping businesses survive and thrive for over 30 years.  Need to talk?

We are offering a free 20 minute discussion of your situation and potential solutions, as time allows.  These can be by phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom video.  If we decide to continue, we are offering a discount on our rates during this time, and can create a payment plan if needed.  Our concern is helping keep the local economic engine moving, both for your business and the country.

We will get through this challenge, as we always have.  But we need to be proactive.  Unfortunately, this crisis will impact all of us.  Some businesses may not survive.  Act now to secure your company’s future. As a boutique counselor we are limited in our availability, but willing to give what it takes to keep the vibrant North Georgia business community health surviving then thriving.

Let’s work together, be proactive, develop smart, strategic plans for now and the future.  Stay safe and God bless you all.

-Dave Hays