dave-boost   David Hays – Principal

After a “full life” in marketing, Hays has a passion to give back by helping entrepreneurs grow their companies with the lessons, strategies and tactics he has learned from his mentors and business experiences.  Working for national advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies has given world class training in strategic marketing and branding.  16 years experience owning a start up food company developed unique financial, production, human resource problem solving skills.  As a business owner himself, Hays realized the need for outside counsel to help sort out issues and having an outside overview of the business to develop impactful solutions.for complex problems.

 Some Success Stories

  • Grew a Start-up food company to multi-million dollar sales and category leadership
  • Created sales promotion that lifted Pepsi sales over 10% in the highly competitive Georgia market
  • Developed and executed a promotion with Country Music Association for Sparkle Towels that generated displays, national press and boost in retail sales
  • Garnered financing from Community Banks and SBA for over $1,000,000
  • Lead Research and Development for new products with garnered several million dollars in sales and widespread retail distribution

 Let’s get to work…

All businesses need the help of a qualified counsel to help problem solve and build winning marketing strategies. We are here to help, reach out today for a no cost, no obligation initial visit to see how we can help boost your business..

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