“Dave possesses strong leadership and entrepreneurial spirit that drives his decisions. He fosters a camaraderie in this teams, pushing us to greater capabilities as well as fostering our own unique talents. He could see what we were capable of, and elicit better performance through coaching and insights. He leads by example, and I appreciated his commitment to our team, and to my professional growth. He’s also a witty and fun communicator — a pleasure to work with.”

Julie Collins         Director, Global Digital Marketing at Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

“David has spent a great deal of time helping me reconsider what is important in my business and then helping me describe my value to potential clients. His experience in marketing for large companies transfers very well to my small business. I highly recommend David for business owners who are very technically savvy, but could use some help in getting their message across to clients.”

Barry Shiver, President


“Many thanks to Boost Business for their customized direction in the growth of my bakery.  We were struggling with production bottlenecks, industry growth, and product development.  We knew we had plenty of potential for more, but we just could not get over the bump in the road to which we had come.  David came in, evaluated our physical layout as well as equipment needs, advised us on the changes that we needed to make, and we were able to very quickly increase productivity, resulting in greater sales volume.  Employees work more efficiently and they are happier!  We have seen significant growth in just a matter of months!  David provided encouraging words or wisdom as well as business ideas and direction that have been priceless to Sugartopia.  We are so thankful for the business acumen that Boost Business brought to our table.  Thank you, Boost Business!

Wendy Tedder, Owner

David’s experience in the food business has greatly helped Easy B’s business over the past year.  We rebranded the company image with a new logo and slogan: “Eat Better”.  A great play off our positioning as purveyor of fresh, delicious, unique styles of cuisine.  Being an entrepreneur wearing many hats it is easy to get lost in the business. (inundated).  Our regular meetings help keep focus on the most important issues and keep the business moving forward.  Sales and profits are much improved.

Tim Broxton, Owner  Easy B’s Kitchen

Thank you for all you have done for Inman Perk Coffee Atlanta. We sincerely appreciate the difference you have made in our shop! You have gone the extra mile on numerous occasions and we recognize your genuine effort to make Inman Perk Coffee Atlanta a better business.Thank you again for all your help and sharing your knowledge with us. 

  • Blanche Ettinger, Owner