Digital Strategy Success starts with Strategy

The marketing world is abuzz with “What is your Digital Strategy”!   Digital has been the great disrupter in media.  Old print has had to adapt, as hard copy media circulation has cratered.  Broadcast is struggling to find ways to maintain relevancy and monetize their existing content.  Meanwhile, digital media firms have grown, focusing on keywords, SEO, programmatic, all about delivering your message to the most defined target audience.  Great!  Waste (paying to deliver your message to non-target consumers) has been a long term issue for advertisers.

But with all this focus on Digital, it seems that STRATEGY has gotten lost in the noise.

Digital is terrific, but it’s just media.  The Strategic message that defines your products benefits is what sells.  In my previous ad agency days, a big focus was on “award winning” creative.  We’ve all seen really cool looking/funny/emotional advertising, but can’t remember what the ad was trying to sell. Creative, award winning ads that deliver the refined brand strategy kick ass not only on rewards, but also with results!

Sure, all businesses need to have a web site these days.  Ideally, a social marketing presence as well.  But you don’t just need a list of what you offer and a list of locations/purchase point.  You need to sell your competitive advantage.  If you are retail, why do your customers shop with you.  Don’t know?  You need to find out.  Equally important, why don’t previous customers come back?  What you do not deliver can be as telling as what you do deliver.  Hey, this doesn’t mean should try to deliver on everything that each person is looking for.  You won’t be special.  You need to be special…unique.  It’s almost always more successful to be the perceived leader in what you do, instead of another company in a crowded category.

Get the Strategy right – what problem does your product solve- and then the digital delivery can be very powerful.  But, the foundation is the strategic message. Spend the time and funds on making sure your strategic marketing message is powerful and deliverable.  Yes, it takes time and some funding to develop, refine, then creatively execute.  But that will be the best return you invest in.

Content is king.  Yep, make sure the content is on target.  All messaging (web site, programmatic, video, etc.) should be reinforcing the same brand promise.

Social media is great, but it is a mistake to just “do it”.  It should be on strategy for your brand.  Don’t confuse a digital agency with a strategic consultant.  Make you have the right strategy first, then execute.

Let me know if you need some help, or find an experience Brand Strategist you trust to assist you.  Independent, outside counsel is advised to give you “new eyes” on your business and refine your brand promise to a simple, effective message.

Now, let’s go look at some silly cat videos on YouTube.